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Sadly my pen stopped working one week after it arrived

2024 Eden Planner
Jessica Bibby
Thank you :-) fab.

I still need to go through it but it's beyond my expectations. Fantastic binder. I have received a tube clip to use the ruler. Great prompts and daily lay out.

Thank you (I got mine in April and still find value from it).

The best planner I have ever owned

My mind is at ease every time I use my Eden planner. I've suffered from procrastination for many years and in return, it has stopped me from putting my thoughts into action. After using the planner for just a few weeks, I have been able to break down my bigger goals into small and achievable steps. I am soo grateful for the guidance this planner has already had in my life and I am looking forward to the guidance it will provide for me in the year ahead.

2024 Eden Planner

Love it, reminds me of all the positive in my life and what I've achieved throughout life to bring me to where I currently am and to motivate me to achieve where I want to go.

So beautiful, functional, motivating & very high end quality! Best planner I have ever purchased.

Erasable pen

I am fussy with pens and the pen doesn't glide the way Iike and it's inconsistent with ink.

2024 Eden Planner
Fiona Kildey
Love the Eden Planner

After trying other Planners that just didn't work for me I found the Eden Planner and it has made organising so much easy. It is beautifully presented and it brings me joy filling out my tasks. After ordering I had the planner within the week. Have already recommended it to friends and family.❤️

Eden Tote Bag
Nicole Barnes
Love it!

Love the pockets and it looks fab! Will be ordering another as it’s so handy

Big love

Absolutely love the planner. It has given me clarity and peace as I navigate my days, weeks and months. Thank you so much!

2024 Eden Planner
Fiona Taylor
I love my Eden Planner

Unboxing my Eden Planner I was so impressed with the quality. The Lemon was every bit as gorgeous as I expected it to be. The paper and the pages are filled with ideas, places to write down everything you expect from a planner. Love it very much. Thank you.

Love this addition to my planner!

2024 Eden Planner
Cindy Burgess
Nice quality Planner

Opens flat which is great. Unique way of setting things out which may take a little getting used to but I am looking forward to applying the methods and using the planner. Great job!

2024 Eden Planner
Shelley Belle
Thoughtful product

First time buyer of the Eden Planner; very happy with it. It’s well laid out, thoughtful and fun!!! Recommended.

2024 Eden Planner
Leah Aplin

2024 Eden Planner

2024 Eden Planner
Elizabeth Hickey
Great planner, well thought out process

Mid Feb I decided the diary I have been using along with a range of other resources was making the whole staying organised thinking a chore. I went looking for a product to bring the whole planning process into one document and found the Eden Planner. Recieved it within a week of ordering. While I have just started to use it and it will take time to make use of the whole process I can see it will fit right in and will support me to reduce my weeds and increase the flowers in my planning for everyday life. It will nicely combine my business needs with my personal planning as well. Already looking forward to ordering another for next year.

Eden Bookmark Ruler
Monique Turkalj
Easy to use, handy tool

The bookmark ruler is a simple but effective tool. The ruler has helped to neatly block time out in my schedule and make sure my entries match up to their times. The ruler, although a small accessory helps to make sure I am getting the best out of the diary.

Best Planner I've Ever Tried

I have tried so many planners - from a simple month-per-view, to Day Runners, Erin Condren, Kmart - but the Eden Planner is the best planner I have come across. I almost can't wait to order my 2025!! In a short time, I have seen benefits and increased productivity in each of my 'garden beds'. I LOVE that metaphor. It is perfect - for me. It's well made, the layout has a good flow, and it is helping me improve all areas of my life (garden). <3
I look forward to using my planner each day - I love it! Thank you.

Little pale, but works exactly as promised. It’s erasable!!

Eden Pen Holder
Monique Turkalj
Already helpful

While I’m still learning to use the Eden planner as a student that works best for me. I think this planner has already helped in the last week I have seriously started to use it. I love how thoughtful all aspects and systems within the planner are.

2024 Eden Planner
MC Monsalve
The Eden planner is the best thing I have bought in the last 5 years

I have been using this planner for a month and it makes me feel so in control. I have already recommended that my sister buy it. I love it. I took 3months to choose a planner - and I am so glad I found Eden.

Recurring Task Flex a winner

This is an awesome addition to the planner, in fact I’d love to see if actually in the 2025 planner! Really helpful and useful to plan your year. Very happy with this.


I find the tracker to be highly useful.

Eden Pen Holder
Katrina White
The Eden planner

Loving it so far

Eden Erasable Pen
Sonja Bradshaw
Eden Erasable Pen

My new Eden erasable pen has a lovely shade of blue and writes with ease. I've used erasable pens for a long time and this one is great!

Eden Erasable Pen
Cheree Lake
Easily Erased Ink

The ink is very easily erased with this pen, which I love. The pen itself is not great quality unfortunately. The nib is quite wobbly, like the refill doesn’t quite fit snuggly enough and move around whilst writing. The mechanism for clicking the pen down in the writing position is very loose when clicked down to write and I find it rattled when writing. I really wanted to love this pen but I find myself not reaching for it to use. It’s very inexpensive but I would be happy to pay more for better quality.