Random Act of Kindness Ideas

Random Act of Kindness Ideas

Every month, Eden encourages you to surprise someone in your life with a random act of kindness. This can be a wonderful addition to your monthly routine, for an endless number of reasons.

Your act of kindness can be anonymous, like paying for a stranger's coffee, or renewing someone's parking. Or, it can be showing appreciation for someone you know. A small gift, a hand-written note, an email, a phone call - whatever it is, be specific and be honest. And, like all rituals, schedule it in.

Here are some random act of kindness ideas for 2023:

  • Bake something for someone you work with
  • Offer to babysit one evening for free for a parent you know
  • Write a hand-written letter to a friend
  • Send someone flowers
  • Take out and bring in your neighbour's bins
  • Skip your take-away coffee for a few days, and tip a server what you've saved
  • Leave a positive review online for a business that you love
  • Ask to speak to the manager of a store, and let them know about the wonderful customer service you received from a staff member
  • Leave a note on the desk of someone you work with letting them know about something they did that improved your week
  • If your partner or housemate has had a big week, cook them their favourite meal and wash up the dishes
  • Remember the coffee order of a co-worker, and surprise them with a coffee in the morning
  • Take a small gift (baked goods, pot plant etc) around to anyone new who moves onto your street/ into your building
  • Donate blood
  • Leave a generous tip
  • Take a rubbish bag with you on your next walk and pick up litter
  • Leave a kind note in a library book
  • Order food delivery to a sick friend's house
  • Offer to help someone move house
  • Send a heartfelt message to a local artist whose work you love
  • Take something yum to work and leave it in the break-room
  • Call your grandparents, or an elderly person in your life

This list will be updated with new ideas each year.

Happy Kindness-ing 💚