Eden's Packaging: A Guide


Alrighty, tell me what you're sending me.
There are a few parts that need to arrive at your door when you place an Eden Planner order. These include: the box, the shipping label, our welcome card, and packing tape. We are very proud that every one of these is plastic-free (yepp, even the tape!). What's more, once you remove the tape, the whole lot is home-compostable. Even the shipping label.

HELL YEAH. So how, exactly, do I compost them?
The first step is to remove your Eden Planner and accessories. Ideally, we won't be composting them. Give them a hug, I bet they're happy to see you.
Then, simply cut the box up into small-ish pieces, labels and all, and place the whole lot in your home compost!

I don't have a home compost system but now I want one?
Ah, glorious FOMO. Lucky for you, home composts are incredibly easy to set up! You can even buy them from Bunnings. Here's a tutorial from another great plastic-free Aussie brand we love to love.

Finally, what do I do with the sticky-tape?
This part is sad. I wanted an entirely compostable delivery process so ordered sticky-tape that was advertised as compostable. When it arrived I did some deeper digging, and after several back-and-forths with the company I learned that it is only compostable in industrial composting systems. If you have access to one of those, who are you, and great! If not, it will need to be disposed of in your bin. I try to use as little as possible to seal each box. The good news is that it's still 100% plastic-free, and will break down in landfill.

So that's the baggage Eden will be bringing to your door! Hope this helps, and can't wait for you and Eden to become the very best of friends.


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