Who needs this planner?

Eden has the power to transform the day-to-day lives of the right people. I know, because I've received hundreds of reviews, emails and messages from people whose lives Eden has touched.

So, if you're unsure, here's a list of people the Eden Planner has helped:

  • Freelance creatives who are on the brink of burn-out trying to juggle multiple projects, stay on top of invoicing, make time for that yoga pass they just bought, see their friends, reply to their mum, keep their house respectable, cook healthy food, learn a new skill, pay their electricity bill on time AND get 8 hours sleep.
  • 'Busy' grown-ups who are juggling kitchen renovations, recurring bill payments, health appointments, meal preparations and keeping their families running, but cannot seem to make time to finally learn that language they've been putting off for years.
  • Recent graduates who are in the process of deciding what they want their life post-studies to look like, whilst finding work and establishing positive habits that will carry them into the rest of their working lives.
  • Full-time workers with a successful career, good income, structured week, great benefits, and no reason to complain, but who perhaps have never paused to think about what their dream life actually looks like. The group of people who've never been asked what they would do if they could do anything*. (*Existential crisis NOT guaranteed. Sometimes the smallest changes make the biggest difference).

If you are even a little bit curious about how Eden might change the way you're living your life - I'm excited for you to give her a go. 

Edens have been shipped all around Australia, and to:
Vancouver BC, Canada
Canton Ohio, US
Clayton Missouri, US
Madison Wisconsin, US
West Kelowna BC, Canada
Los Angeles California, US
Saint Paul Minnesota, US
Phoenix Arizona, US
Houston Texas, US
Osoyoos BC, Canada
Middleton Wisconsin, US
Ardmore Pennsylvania, US
San Antonio Texas, US
Kelowna BC, Canada
Naples, Florida, US
Miami Florida, US
Toronto Ontario, Canada
Saint Louis Missouri, US
Spruce Grove Alberta, Canada
Calgary Alberta, Canada
Maidstone Ontario, Canada
Aurora Ontario, Canada
Quincy Illinois, US
Kiamika Quebec, Canada
New Castle Delaware, US
Vineland New Jersey, US
Washington DC, US
Onset Massachusetts, US
Bellingham Washington State, US
London, UK
Glasgow, UK
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Stockholm, Sweden
Grenoble, France
La Teste-de-Buch, France
Saint Remy De Provence, France
Hitchin England, UK
Princes Risborough, UK
Weston-super-Mare, UK
Wakefield, UK
Longford, Ireland
Westmeath, Ireland
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Arab Emirates

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