Eden's Sustainability Roadmap

Eden's Current Commitments:

Our founder, Sam, was a climate activist in her teens, so sustainability has been at the forefront of Eden's goals since its inception. That's why every parcel we've ever shipped, and every parcel we ever will ship, is 100% plastic-free. The packaging you receive – the cardboard mailer, the brand sticker and the shipping label – are also home compostable.

We also work with our supplier to create minimal waste during production. This sometimes means that there will be tiny mistakes on our planners. For example, on the back of one of the tabs in 2023 there was a small green line. We had the option of sending them all to landfill and mass re-printing every single tab sheet for every single planner, or... realising that some things can never be perfect and not allowing the paper to go to waste. We chose the latter.

Divesting is one of the most powerful things you can do to combat climate change, and our superannuation is kept with climate heroes, Future Super.

Looking Ahead:

    Alright Sam, we know you have been dying to do this so please. Future gaze. Lay it on us.
    ALRIGHTY! Wiiiiith pleasure. What I am most excited about is what lies ahead on our sustainability roadmap. Here's some of my goals for The Eden Planner:

    • Be able to factor community partnerships into our profit margin by 2025
    • Longer term, we'd like to partner with organisations in each region we sell to, so consumers are able to see their donation going towards an initiative in their home region.
    • We want to be completely carbon neutral by 2026. 
    • We want to launch Eden digital. Watch this space...
    I have big dreams for these little planners. I look forward to continuing to share our progress with you as we make them happen. 

    Eden planner 2024