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What an Amazing Planner

So happy with this planner. It had even more sections on Life & Long term planning than I expected.
The quality is fantastic - I would not have even known it was from the oddball collection!

2024 Eden Planner
haley gielen
Beautiful Planner

I love my Eden Planner! The prompts for my five year plan being my highlight - helping me to bring in them manifestations. Thank you so much xxx

Pretty decent pen

There are many things I like about this pen: it's refillable so plastic waste is reduced, I can rub out mistakes (still getting used to that), it comes out smooth and it's a nice blue colour. The only reason I'm not giving it 5 stars is because sometimes the ink doesn't come out and I have to shake it a few times to get it to work.

Love it!

The Oddball planner is perfect for me. The flaws a minor and the reduced price means I don't feel so bad that I'm starting a yearly planner in June. I love the way it looks, the way it sets you up to think about what projects you want to achieve and what needs to be done to achieve them, and the fact it combines a monthly, weekly, and daily planner.

2024 Eden Planner
Maureen Ridley
Eden Planner

The Eden Planner is excellent. I will be extremely useful to me.

2024 Eden Planner
Georgia Eyers
Holy Grail Planner

I was gifted a non Eden Planner for Christmas and have been trying to use it but i got to April and thought i need my Eden Planner and purchased one! Safe to say it really beats all the rest!

I love the title, it fits very well with the gardening theme.

I am still working through the planner but so far loving the concept. Im very happy with my oddball purchase!

I love the title, it fits very well with the gardening theme.

I am still working through the planner but so far loving the concept. Im very happy with my oddball purchase!

2024 Eden Planner
Katya Heath
Really great

I love it

Works great!

I love this pen to clean up my mistakes. So worth it. Thanks!

2024 Eden Planner
Dana Genota
Best Planner Ever!

Every year, I always have a planner to use. But The Eden Planner is the only planner that really suited me!

The planner really helped me on managing my personal and work projects and schedules through its Monthly Calendar and Monthly Projects pages.

I love the how the weekly pages are arranged. I can list and check the every matters in a systematic and uncluttered view.

Also the reflection pages, I really need this pages to unwind a bit because I don't have much capacity to do that.

I also love the Habit Stacking section which helps me monitor my daily routine and habits.

And!!!! It shipped to my country!!! Cool!!!!

The Eden Planner is the best planner I ever got!

2024 Eden Planner
Helena hentz
The most inspiring planner

End of March and this is the first planner in my life I have opened daily for my own reflection and to plan my “private” life (I have another one for my business and clients that I HAVE to use daily)

I’m so inspired by Eden planner and I love spending daily the minutes with this book, usually mornings and evenings to check with myself, plan my projects, tick off the tasks that have been completed, write inspirational quotes to my weeks, reflect on each week each Sunday, each month end of the month and see what I achieved and so much more.

And I have achieved a lot! So many projects of mine that were on my never ending to do list has been successfully completed in those first three months of this year. Step by step, and the Eden planner keeps me reminded and motivated and inspired ❤️
The planner also helped me to think about my friendships and how much energy I put into the most important connections of my life… friends got unexpected gifts, cards, phone calls…

The planner travels with me wherever I go (last travel was to yoga training in Bali) and I regret now that I have not bought the bag. 🤦‍♀️😂

Thank u so much ❤️❤️❤️

2024 Eden Planner
Fallon Wise
Can’t recommend enough

This is the planner for me…..so we’ll set up! Love the points of view and focused direction. Love Love love.

2024 Eden Planner
Belle Evans
Great layout and clear guidelines

I haven't used it for too long, but so far it's been very easy to use, with a great layout (I love seeing my whole week timeblocked out!) and the wire binding is great to ensure I can actually use the whole page

2024 Eden Planner
harmony Russell
beautiful design

i love the kay out of everything , a period tracker next year would be awesome especially with your garden references like you could include a page on each phase ect

2024 Eden Planner
Jennifer Tapia
I love the Eden Planner. 🤎

I bought this planner because I love the message and meaning behind the planner. What resonated with me the most is the 4 pillars as I believe in the importance of having a good foundation. It’s a planner that focuses on the process and encourages tasks to be broken down in order for them to be achieved. This planner does not overwhelm me at all which most planners do and it’s really pretty. Thank you for creating this. 👍🏽

2024 Eden Planner
judith arty
Best Planner I have ever had

I have been using it every day since I got it and I think it is the best planner I have ever had. Love everything about it. I used to love the Happy Planner, but now i think the Eden planner is even better.

The bundle has all the accoutrements you need

The bag is high quality and so well considered, I use it to carry my lunch and planner to work - it has a special pocket for your planner so it doesn't get damaged. And another pocket which can be used for your phone. The pen is delightful to write with (and really does erase without damaging the paper!). The perfect accompaniments to a beautiful planner!

2024 Eden Planner
Jacob from Basso
Crikey dot com who woud have thought it.

Returning to the page from the digital realm has been tremendous. As someone who has worked projects my whole professional life the Eden Planner is the manure my garden beds need. I am three weeks into the six week grace period and still going strong. Process not perfection. So good I bought three more and gifted to my wife, sister and close friend. Keeping it real and back to basics. 5 stars.

Eden Erasable Pen
Kel Beames
Love it

Where has this been all
My life?

2024 Eden Planner
Colleen Perriman

Lovely quality

2024 Eden Planner
Michelle Lambert
Needed this!

When I first received my Eden planner I sat there looking at it for a good hour feeling very overwhelmed. And then I started. A little at a time. And now I’m finding each day I’m more focused, starting to plan and even beginning to tick off habits each day. I think over time this will be a game changer.

An Organization Dream

I have never been a "plan it" person, BUT this planner has made a change! So easy to use and guide through steps that help you along the way like it was made just for me.

2024 Eden Planner
Sarah Robinson
The perfect planner!

I am quite fussy about my planner, and have never been able to find one that is set out the way I’d hoped for- until I found The Eden Planner. It’s absolutely perfect, incredible quality, thoughtfully created and makes life so much easier. I highly recommend!

Loving it so far!

I am a Registered Nurse with 2 jobs whilst studying part-time and I am absolutely loving this so far. It allows me to think about my life in a holistic approach. I can balance my work and study life with friends, family, future aspirations. I'm a huge fan of anything that I can tick off as it gives me such an endorphin rush :D Thank you for creating something so amazing and useful! I'm already thinking about my 2024 eden planner. Also, love the erasable pen!